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By | August 10, 2017

The Merits Of Ditching Your Wooden Crates And Buying Plastic Ones. Transport is an essential activity that is a major drive in the economy. Firms have to move finished products and raw materials to different destinations. That is a source of employment for some people and companies also gain profits. However, the transport costs have to be as low as possible for those who seek transport services. The goods should also not get damaged during transport. The packaging determines the quality of the products and the transportation expenses. Formerly, wooden crates were a favorite for many companies. These had many challenges such as increasing the weight of the package. Fortunately, plastic crates emerged and they have made transport much easier. They are easy to load and offload. They are also lighter compared to wooden crates. They are used for office and home moving, as well as, transportation of produce to the market. Plastic crates are also safe for the environment. They can be reused and that protects the surrounding. They are also easy to clean and maintain. That makes plastic crates superior than wooden ones. Washing wood is challenging because water cannot be used directly as it promotes rotting. You have to use special cleaning agents to prevent rotting. More so, plastics are strong and are not prone to breakage like wood. Therefore, the maintenance costs of the crates are low. They have a long life and can be utilized for many years. They are also flexible enough for stacking enabling many products to be transported at a go making them economical. You are likely not to get injured when using plastic crates. They are not heavy and that saves you from back injuries. The risk of nails injuring you is eliminated by using the crates.
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More so, the crates do not have an odor allowing flexibility as you can place any items in them. Unlike plastic, wood removes some odor especially when rotten. It is also prone to attack by insects and molds. This is a major health concern as foods get contaminated and your items can also get damaged. Plastics are safe because mold growth and insect attack is not common. Similarly, unlike metal crates, plastic ones cannot rust.
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Given the benefits, you need to find quality crates. There are many sellers that vend the crates. You should start by searching your local directory for contacts. Buying crates from local vendors is less expensive than buying from outsiders. You can also find them online. Here, you can find various designs and you are free to choose the most suitable design for you. Similarly, you can place a custom order if the available designs do not match your needs.